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XMK Jaw Crusher Introduction

A rock crusher is a piece of equipment designed to take large rocks as input (Feed) and produce small rocks, gravel or rock dust as output. They are used to produce rock fill material for such uses as landscaping and erosion control.
They are typically very large and produce a considerable quantity of dust, which can be controlled with sound panels, water curtains, enclosures and rubber mounted over the steel, but often are not for economic reasons. Most installations are therefore in rural areas, but environmental considerations and regulations are reducing this location advantage.

There are various types of rock crushers used in the aggregate industry including impact and roll crushers, but the most commonly used today are jaw and cone crushers. Jaw crushers normally take the mined material and reduce it to a manageable size -say 10 to 4 inches. Cone crushers take the material from a jaw crusher and further reduce the material size. Jaw crushers offer reduction ratios of up to about 6:1, while cone crushers can reduce material size up to a maximum of 8:1 ratio. The finer the crushing, the smaller the reduction ratio.

As a basic rule, jaw crushers are the primary crusher taking the mined aggregate and reducing it to a size that a cone crusher can accept. Cone crushers tend to be the secondary crusher, and usually produce material of a size needed for many industry applications such as the aggregates needed for asphalt and concrete production.

XMK Machinery is proud to supply high quality jaw crushers to the African mining industry.

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